Fun. Simple. From Scratch Baking. Welcome to Baking with Lisey! I’m Lisey Smith, a passionate cake decorator and food blogger in North Carolina, USA. As a daughter of the baking culinarian family, along with tips, recipes, cooking hacks, and fun baking facts that we love. This blog was started by me with my friend Sarah Gautam (Blogger and Writer) and Ayush Jaiswal (Visual Designer) and also with you as they come to life in each baking guide we share. If you love baking as I do, then you are in the right place!

We share solutions for baking and roasting queries. That’s what Baking with Lisey is all about! shares mostly interesting baking tips and ideas, how-to’s guides, DIY baking tutorials, and a collection of recipes and baking essentials reviews. I bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, bites, and other treats.

I love baking with family and friends and especially for special occasions, like birthdays, festivals, and holidays – it’s so much fun to make special treats for people you care about! I review and share my favorite baking supplies, recipes, and hacks to make baking out of your kitchen easier. I travel once or twice a year with my friend Sarah and she also has a travel blog Roamers Magazine make sure to check her blog too.