Desserts for a crowd of 50

There’s no better feeling than watching your guests devour the dessert table, and having no idea how they did it. You’ve provided them with something delicious, and they’re all eating it up. You’ve done your job! But then you realize that while they’re all eating things like ice cream sundaes and cupcakes, there are still some people in the room who aren’t eating anything at all. What gives? This is a party! Where are the desserts meant for those of us who are not having so much fun? Well worry not! We’ve got just the solution!

Our delicious selection of treats includes everything from cookies bars, Dark Chocolate Brownies to Carrot Blueberry Cupcakes which you can bake in bulk and can be easy to make desserts for a crowd of 50.

Here are 18 best Desserts for a crowd of 50 with Recipes

Here I’m going to be serving up a variety of delicious desserts, from cakes and cookies to brownies and tarts.

Sheet Pan Brownies

Brownies are easy to make and can be customized to fit the needs of any person. Sheet pan brownies are a variation of this dessert that is baked in one pan and comes out with a crispy top and chewy middle. This makes them perfect for when you need to feed a crowd or just want something easy to make.

The most popular way of making them is with chocolate chips, but they can also be made with nuts, fruit, or even mint extract for an exciting twist on this classic dessert. Sheet pan brownies are not only tasty but also quick and easy to make, which makes them perfect for any occasion!

Pecan-Peach Cobbler

Pecan-Peach Cobbler is a traditional Southern dessert that typically includes pecans, sugar, butter, flour, salt, and canned peaches.

The cobbler is first made by boiling the peach slices with sugar and butter in a saucepan. The mixture then thickens and becomes syrup. The flour is mixed with salt to create a roux. This roux is then mixed with milk to make a paste that can be added to the peach syrup. The pecans are then added to this mixture as well as the baking dish where the cobbler will be baked.

Carrot Blueberry Cupcakes

Carrot Blueberry Cupcakes are a perfect dessert. They are not too sweet and they have a moist texture that is perfect for any occasion.

The cupcakes have a sweet cream cheese frosting which compliments the moist carrot cake. The frosting is made with the addition of fresh blueberries, so it has some tang to it as well as sweetness.

This recipe is a twist on the traditional carrot cake cupcake with the addition of blueberries. The cupcakes are moist, and fluffy, and have a nice balance between the flavors of carrot and blueberry.

Cappuccino Swirl Bars

Cappuccino Swirl Bars are a delicious dessert that is made up of coffee and chocolate, but it is also made up of a mixture of cream, sugar, and eggs.

This dessert is not only tasty but is also very easy to make. You just need to mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and pour the mixture into a baking dish. The baking dish needs to be greased before you pour the mixture into it so that the bars don’t stick to the pan. After they have been baked for about 30 minutes, they are ready to eat!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These chocolate chip cookie bars are a crowd-pleaser and perfect for any occasion. They’re chewy, gooey, and have the perfect texture.

I love this recipe by stayingclosetohome. The first time I made these bars was for a family gathering with my sister, her husband, and their two kids. The kids loved them so much that they started to fight over who could get the biggest piece.

Cherry Pie Bars

The Cherry Pie Bars are a favorite dessert that is loved by many. This delicious recipe is perfect desserts for a crowd of 50 on any occasion. These bars are made from scratch and can be served as an appetizer, dessert, or even breakfast. The filling consists of a mixture of strawberry, apple, and blueberry pie filling. The crust is made from butter and flour. This recipe also includes some cinnamon and vanilla extract to give the crust a little extra flavor.

There are many ways to serve these Cherry Pie Bars; they can be eaten alone, with ice cream, whipped cream, or even yogurt!

Amish Sugar Cookies

Amish sugar cookies are a type of cookie that is similar to traditional sugar cookies. The Amish sugar cookies are also made without any refined sugars and they are typically baked in a cast iron skillet.

The cookie dough is buttery and tastes like shortbread with a hint of cinnamon. They bake up very nicely in the cast iron skillet and can be served with ice cream or whipped cream for an added layer of sweetness.

Cream Soda Confetti Sheet Cake with Strawberry-Sour Cream Buttercream

Cream Soda Confetti Sheet Cake with Strawberry-Sour Cream Buttercream is a simple, two-layer cake that’s perfect for spring and summer. It has a light, fluffy texture and is perfect for an outdoor event.

The cake starts with a white layer made from the creamiest confectioner’s sugar buttercream frosting ever. The second layer is made from some of the most delicious strawberry sour cream buttercream you’ll ever taste. The frosting is so good, it could be its own dessert!

This cake is perfect desserts for a crowd of 50 and will make you feel like you’re at a party celebrating the first day of Spring in style!

Triple Chocolate Oreo Brownies

Triple Chocolate Oreo Brownies are a decadent chocolate dessert with a rich and gooey center. This recipe is easy to make, and will be a hit at any party. These brownies are decadent and rich, with adding stuffed Oreos biscut in the middle of of the two layers of brownie batter. They’re a great treat for the holidays or any time you need a chocolate fix.

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Frosted Banana Bars

Frosted Banana Bars are a crowd-pleasing dessert that is perfect for any occasion. They’re easy to make, and they look amazing! So, I wanted to share with you a recipe that’s perfect for a crowd. These Frosted Banana Bars are the perfect snack, dessert, or breakfast treat.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

The Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake is a cake that is made by combining chocolate cake mix with mayonnaise instead of the usual oil and eggs.

It is usually baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-45 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

Caramel Chocolate Tartlet

The Caramel Chocolate Tartlet is a dessert that is perfect for any occasion. It is made out of a crème patisserie, which is a sweetened pastry cream, and has caramel and chocolate on the top and shape like.

Caramel Buttermilk Sheet Cake

This recipe is for the crowd, and it’s a decadent way to end any meal. It’s made with caramelized buttermilk and brown sugar, yielding a moist cake that’s dense and delicious.

The cake itself is not overly sweet, but the frosting is rich with cream cheese and butter, making it a perfect balance of flavors.

Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake

This is a traditional pound cake recipe that has been passed down through the generations. The lemon and sour cream give it a refreshing flavor that will make your mouth water.

It was originally called “pound cake” because it was made with one pound each of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake is a variation on the classic pound cake that’s perfect for springtime!

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Dark chocolate brownies are a classic dessert that’s sure to please any crowd. They’re rich, chocolaty, and fudgy—just the way you like it.

The best part? They’re easy to make at home. Just follow our simple recipe and you’ll be making these delicious treats in no time! Dark chocolate brownies are a delicious dessert that is perfect for any occasion. This recipe will perfectly teach you how to make them.

Cherry Slab Pie

Cherry Slab Pie is a dessert pie that is made out of a rectangular slab of pie crust and filled with cherry pie filling. The crust can be made with either butter, lard, or shortening. The cherry filling can be made using fresh or canned cherries.

Peanut Butter Cake Bars

One of the most popular recipes is the Peanut Butter Cake Bars. This recipe includes a chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, and a layer of Reese’s Pieces on top. Peanut Butter Cake Bars are a crowd-pleasing treat that are perfect for potlucks, parties, and other gatherings. These cakelike bars are packed with peanut butter and chocolate chips, and have a light layer of chocolate chips on top.

This is a perfect dessert for those who are looking for something sweet and peanut buttery. It only takes about 45 minutes to make and it can be easily stored in the refrigerator or freezer. This is an excellent dessert to take to potlucks or parties with friends.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls

These little chocolate chip cookie dough balls are the perfect no bake dessert your family will love. They’re also great for parties, because they’re so easy to make and can be made ahead of time. Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles are the perfect dessert for any occasion. These bite-sized treats are so good that you’ll want to make them all the time!

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